25 January 2011

Spells... mundane and ethical considerations

I want to write about spellwork, since this is the most asked question I get. I won't bother with the does it work or not, its not my job to convince you if your not interested. However for those who are interested here are my thoughts.

Mundane considerations....

No spell will function properly without the mundane work and just because a spell works, even if you get exactly what you ask for, doesn't mean it will all work out for the best. As an extreme example, say someone did a spell to get a specific job and gets it, however if they are not truly qualified and capable of the job they will end up getting fired, their professional reputation will be harmed and in the end they will be worse off then before and that is assuming they don't end up getting charged with some sort of crime for falsifying their abilities. Also, to follow the previous example, if you don't apply for jobs, your find work spell is not exactly likely to work.

There are three things that should be considered before any spell work.

One, is what you think you want, actually what you want. Do your research on it, whatever  it is. Think of all the people who go to college to get a degree then find out they don't like the work that they just spent years and tens of thousands of dollars to get.

Two, if you get what you ask for is it actually something you are ready for... mentally, physically, spiritually. This is an entirely personal judgment call and that honest self examination is probably the hardest thing of all.

Three, do some divination to see where that spell may take you, what may happen and if this is the right thing for your life path. Sometimes getting the thing we want now actually takes us down a different path then is actually intended for our lives.

Ethical considerations...

Using magic is no different then using any other tools when considering ethics. If you wouldn't do it with mundane methods, then you shouldn't do it with magic either. Lets say you could make a million dollars appear out of thin air (Nope, you can't but follow me here) this would mean one of two things... either the money was taken from somewhere, in which case it is theft OR it was manufactured out of thin air, in which case it is counterfeiting. If for some reason you'd still be alright with that, well there are much simpler and mundane methods to do so.

Curses, I'm not a fan. However, if someone is doing something illegal and the cops aren't catching them, well a little spell to cause all evidence of their crimes to find their way to the right authorities would in my opinion be fine. After all, if you turn out to be wrong about their criminal behavior for some reason, then there wouldn't be any evidence and there is no harm done. If you wouldn't murder them or torture them with mundane means, why would you think it would be ethical to do it magically?

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