24 December 2010

An argument about a naturalistic god

Setting aside debates of supernatural entities, world mythologies and religions, hidden meaning and every other assumption that god created the universe and all that is... what if we go purely naturalistic?

What if we look at ourselves from a naturalist point of view? For the sake of argument assume there is no god and there is no soul, our minds are nothing but bio-chemical reactions reacting within our bodies based on what building blocks we feed it and what input comes in through the senses...

now look at we know of the universe... we are finding life is more varied (finding microbes with arsenic in their DNA, even if its only being used selectively by the organism as some have suggested, this is still a major find for the diversity of POSSIBLE life), the building blocks of life as we know it are being found in

look at things on both the quantum and interstellar levels...

Could there not be a naturalistic version of something similar to our own mind being created through the complex interaction of gravity, magnetism, quantum states, throughout the universe? We do not yet understand how our own consciousness actually works or even how to fully define it. We can not decide how much intelligence and consciousness animals and even plants have. Could there also be a form of mineral intelligence? What about other energetic states? After all physics tells us that the building blocks of everything is merely wave forms of energy that create the form of matter and interact with each other...

So what if there is a purely naturalistic super consciousness? Not a creator perhaps, not perfect perhaps, it may not even be aware of use on a conscious level any more then we are to the microbes in our own bodies that sometimes help use and other times harm us.

Now assuming that this naturally existing cosmic being existed... if it was self aware, at least as much as we ourselves are self aware, then would it not stand to reason that it would do basic things... say the equivalent of raising its arm... this would create changes within the structure of reality from our perspective. So what would these look like? What effect would they have on our lives? Would we ourselves perhaps be as nerve endings on this being, perhaps sending and receiving commands?

Anyone care to add their thoughts and we can try to expand on this idea together? I have more thoughts on this, but I'm already starting to ramble in circles.