06 August 2010

Apocalypse Averted

Apocalypse Averted

We watched The Road and were discussing survival in a world where everything had gone wrong. The youngster in the group was saying how that could never happen and what happens but a storm knocks out the power. There is nothing like watching someone raised with tv, internet and a million other conveniences suddenly realizing that resources are neither unlimited or always reliable.

We got through the first night with candles, ate ice cream sandwiches because they would not last. Fortunately there is a water pump here that doesn’t need power, however we were having trouble finding enough water to prime the pump. Although phone lines run on their own power system, cordless phones have to be plugged in or they don’t have power. The importance of having even a single phone with cord can not be underestimated. Fortunately one of those was found as well.

On the second day, we got out the generator, but it wouldn’t work. Fortunately we could borrow one from someone down the road. With that we were able to power the fridge and freezer, but the air-conditioning was too much for the power strip. We also managed to hook up the computer so we could communicate.

So in order of priority
1) protect food and a supply of water
2) communication systems, so that you can get and share information
3) simple comforts such as lighting, air-conditioning, entertainment

If it becomes obvious that things will be going on for more then a few day, you will need to plan for supplying more food. Knowing what sort of edible wild foods are in your area could make all the difference. Knowing someone in your area that you can work with to organize relief and sharing of resources is also important. Shared work means not only less hardship for everyone, but also increased security.

I am not really big on the apocalypse ideas, but nature does not always work to the benefit of humans. For that matter humans cause enough problems for themselves and the world around them. Those who are at least basically prepared for emergencies will always do the best when such things happen.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, lightning storms, solar flares, sink holes, cave ins, war, crime, and a million other problems are all part of our reality. However, so are edible wild plants, human kindness, friendship, books, story telling, song, and millions of other little blessings that make life worth living.

We took time to discuss what if scenarios and learn what we could from our time without power. It was both educational and a way to pass the time.

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